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The Legend of the Titanic

2024 | Madrid Artes Digitales | Immersive experience

After the enormous internationally acclaimed success of the productions Tutankhamun and The Last Days of Pompeii, MAD brings the world premiere of their third groundbreaking immersive exhibition to its flagship in Matadero Madrid this September.

Relive one of the most impactful events of the 20th century and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the TITANIC. An immersive experience that allows you to explore third and first-class cabins, listen to the orchestra, and delve into the ship’s depths, from luxurious rooms to the imposing boilers.

What to expect

The Legend Revives

Immerse yourself in history as you tour the meticulously recreated rooms of the Titanic. Experience life aboard the Titanic and discover the contrasts between different social classes. Every detail has been carefully designed to offer an authentic experience.

Until the Orchestra Fell Silent

Experience the final moments of the orchestra, feeling each note resonate through the room as you are enveloped in the atmosphere of the Titanic. This culminating moment will make you feel part of history, living the emotions of those last moments through an immersive sound recreation.

Beneath the Waves, Stories Unfold

Follow an emotional narrative through 1200 m2 of 360º projections, experiencing the Titanic’s journey from within, exploring every corner of the ship and experience how they lived through the sinking.

Whispers from the Depths

Explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and discover the shipwreck of the Titanic from a unique perspective in 2024. Witness how the ship’s site is reconstructed to its original state through an impressive immersive experience, allowing you to see the grandeur of the ship as it was in 1912.

For tickets and more info: The Legend of the Titanic

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