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Start ticketsales for the 30th Weltweihnachtscircus!

Anniversary program Germany's biggest circus event!

From December 5, 2024, to January 6, 2025, Canstatter Wasen, Stuttgart.

The Weltweihnachtscircus Stuttgart celebrates its 30th anniversary this year with more than 100 circus stars. We mark this milestone from December 5 to January 6 with perhaps one of the largest circus programs ever here in Stuttgart. "It's more than just an anniversary for us. The new program, aiming to surpass all previous performances in terms of award-winning acts, is our way of saying thank you," said producer Henk van der Meijden, "to our loyal audience, with over 100,000 visitors in the past four weeks." The previous Weltweihnachtscircus, which gave its final performance on January 7, even set a record with 124,000 visitors. It ranked first in the Circus Zeitung magazine among all Christmas circuses in Germany. As a result, the Weltweihnachtscircus has become the largest event in Baden-Württemberg. According to Stuttgarter Zeitung, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, and Circus Zeitung, Stuttgart has become the circus capital of Germany thanks to the success of the Weltweihnachtscircus!

Of course, producer Stardust Circus International is proud of this achievement, but it also obliges us to maintain the quality with world premieres, world records, and world sensations at this upcoming anniversary! The fact that the quality of the Weltweihnachtscircus has become a household name in the international circus world is evidenced by the many Golden, Silver, and Bronze Clowns, the highest accolades in the circus industry, that acts from the Weltweihnachtscircus have already won at this most important Circus Festival in the World.

The previous Circus Festival in Monte Carlo last January also proved the high level of the Weltweihnachtscircus: two of the most important and prestigious circus awards in the world, the coveted Golden Clowns, were won by acts from our Weltweihnachtscircus 2023-2024. The winners were the Kolev Sisters from Italy with their almost superhuman ground acrobatics and the 17-year-old Chinese prodigy, the equilibrist Wang Mengchen, with her Magical Wheel! The Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten also reported these victories with the headline: "Monte Carlo Festival Great Triumph for Weltweihnachtscircus!".

The reviews for the previous program were also praiseworthy: "Stuttgart Stronger than Strong" wrote the Circus Zeitung. Stuttgarter Zeitung and Nachrichten exclaimed: "Where the Best Meet the Best!" (Uwe Bogen).

Stuttgart can already look forward to a truly world-class program during the upcoming Christmas season – allowing everyone to celebrate not only our 30th anniversary but also the traditional Family Celebration of the year. However, there's more than just anticipation. The ticket sales for the upcoming Anniversary Program has begun.

Reserve the best seats today!

Ticket Sales:


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