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Start ticket sales for the 38th Wereldkerstcircus!

The Family Celebration of the Year


The Wereldkerstcircus Carré has started selling tickets for the upcoming award-winning World Program from December 18th to January 5th.

The Wereldkerstcircus now presents the winners of the most important circus festivals in the world for the first time together in one ring. The show offers more than just a normal circus program. In the style of the annual Monte Carlo Circus Festival, it's actually one big festival with definitely the best acts in the world!

Last year, the Wereldkerstcircus once again demonstrated its commitment to quality. With this program, Carré achieved a world record of visitors in 37 years of the Wereldkerstcircus! This puts the Wereldkerstcircus in first place in the Netherlands for such a number of visitors in such a short time! With such a large audience, it has become not only the most successful but also the most visited Christmas circus in the Netherlands.

One of the secrets of the success of the Wereldkerstcircus, in addition to World Premieres, World Records, and World Class, is Tension, Beauty, and Sensation! In addition to world-class performances, emotion and theatrical emotion play an increasingly important role in the acts. More than ever, the circus wants to take the Honored Audience on a two-hour journey to another world, where one can leave all daily worries behind and dream around that ring where miracles come true. Toon Hermans once said: "Circus is the primordial source of all theater!" and he added: "When I dive into the circus again, I hope I never grow up." He refers to the metamorphosis of a good circus program that awakens the child in everyone. That is why Circus is also the most suitable family entertainment for young and old. For children, it is often still the first introduction to live entertainment. Producer Henk van der Meijden says: "That's why I find it so important that we present quality and a truly high-level program."

The Wereldkerstcircus has also become an international concept for quality. The largest French circus trade magazine described it as "The best of the best" and "The Olympic Games of the Circus". The Wereldkerstcircus has also been a loyal partner of the Monte Carlo Circus Festival for many years. In our upcoming program, you will also see two Golden Clown winners, the highest circus award in the world, five Silver Clown winners, and two Bronze Clown winners.

In recent years, the Wereldkerstcircus has certainly sent several dozen acts from our programs to the Monte Carlo Festival on invitation, and many have won prizes. The Kolev Sisters with their superhuman parterre acrobatics, which you saw here in Carré 2 years ago, won a Golden Clown this year! And this year, our Chinese balancing act with the umbrella has been invited to the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, but for the first time, you will see this act as a World Premiere here in Carré! It's an act that will definitely impress in Monte Carlo and will also be a symbol of the world's best, which we are presenting in Carré this year.

Ticket sales have started. Plan your most beautiful Family Celebration and reserve now!


Ticket Sales:

020 52 49 453



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