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Celebrating 2 years of MAD - Madrid Artes Digitales

MAD Celebrates it's second anniversary with:

  • 250 000+ visitors Pompeii in Madrid

  • 1 000 000+ visitors Tutankhamun worldwide

  • Extension of Pompeii in MAD Madrid until July 2024

  • Launch of new artwork & metaverse campaign Pompeii

  • New countries for Tutankhamun & Pompeii

Since its premiere in Matadero Madrid's Nave 16 in September 2023, more than 275.000 spectators already visited the groundbreaking immersive digital experience about Pompeii that fuses art, technology, museal elements and education.

It captivates the public with a vivid and realistic recreation of the Roman city before and during it's destruction by the Vesuvius.

Due to its success, MAD is proud to announce that "The Last Days of Pompeii - The Immersive Exhibition" extends its stay at Madrid until July.

During this prolongation the new artwork and Metaverse video campaign will be launched.

This year Pompeii will make its premiere in several European cities and will be shown in China. Cities to be announced soon!

MAD's first own produced IP - Tutankhamun, The Immersive Exhibition - attracted more than 311.000 visitors in Madrid and garnered numerous international awards, including several Golden Telly Awards for the use of 360° technology in an immersive exhibition.

Following its success in Madrid, Tutankhamun is currently on display in 6 cities: Cairo (at the Grand Egyptian Museum, right beside the original 5500 artifacts of Tutankhamun), São Paulo, Vienna, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Barcelona - selling more than 1.000.000 tickets in total worldwide.

Coming Autumn Tutankhamun will be shown in Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Germany and China.

In September MAD's third and newest IP will premiere in MAD Madrid.

Madrid Artes Digitales is a project backed by the experience of three major references in the world of culture: LAYERS OF REALITY, responsible for the creation of one of the first digital arts centres in Europe in Barce3lona; the deep knowledge of the cultural sector in Madrid with more than one millions tickets sold annually by SOM PRODUCE; and the international vision of STARDUST, one of the most important producers of live shows in Europe.

In just two years this solid foundation, together with its commitment to innovation and quality, has positioned MAD as a unique cultural center in the Spanish capital and it has placed a new international benchmark in the field of immersive exhibitions worldwide.\


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