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Hans Klok

2011-2018 |   Worldwide residencies and tours |  Hurricane, New Houdini, Magie der Weihnachten, Houdini Experience, House of Horror, House of Mystery

Following a residency in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Hans Klok returned to The Netherlands and Europe. After excelling during Wereldkerstcircus in Carré Amsterdam in 2011, audiences were yearning for a new tour from the fastest magician in the world.

Stardust and Hans Klok created a unique concept, in which show, magic and circus were all incorporated. The boundaries of what was possible were pushed with every new tour. Making the impossible, possible: that’s what it was all about.


Klok’s continual international residencies and tours prove the timeless appeal of magic for once and for all.


At this time Hans Klok is enjoying a residency in the Las Vegas Excalibur Resort.

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