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Gustav Klimt
Immersive experience

December 19, 2019 - January 5, 2020 |   Koninklijk Theater Carré |  Anniversary

Stardust recently had a special premiere; not in the theater - tent or concert hall, but in one of the most iconic places in Madrid; The Matadero. Together with the Spanish “SOM Produce” and “Layers of Reality” united in “Madrid Artes Digitales or “MAD”, the doors have been opened for a unique experience, using advanced digital techniques.

The Matadero will thus become a permanent center for digital art – far-reaching plans have now been made for the coming years; in which numerous subjects from the world of visual arts - history and culture are discussed. There will also be live performances in combination with digital works.


In addition, the Matadero as a flagship store will serve the already international demand for other cities. In short; a new world is waiting to be discovered.

Each visit is a journey through time and space.

MAD presented its first production based on the work of GUSTAV KLIMT. A unique experience that draws the viewer into the paintings of the Viennese master and where you are immersed in the magical world of the artist.

At the same time, new productions are being prepared such as: Pompeii – Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci.


In all this, MAD distinguishes itself by the various ultra-modern virtual reality options and also has the most VR stations in Europe. The added artistic installations work with innovative systems that make MAD in Matadero the pinnacle of immersive art.


Since the opening of MAD last March, the immersive exhibition about the life and work of Gustav Klimt has welcomed no fewer than 200,000 visitors. The next exhibition Tutankhamun had her biggest premiere on November 4, 2022; it was then exactly 100 years ago that the tomb of the most famous king in Egyptian history was discovered by Howard Carter.

Celebrate this anniversary in a spectacular way and experience ancient Egypt and all its secrets like never before.


Enter and dream!

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