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Cirque Stiletto

2009-2016 |   Koninklijk Theater Carré and Dutch tours |  Cirque Stiletto, Ellen Rocks The Circus, Cirque Stiletto 2, Cirque Stiletto 3 (with Karin Bloemen)

Cirque Stiletto is exhilarating, sexy, exciting and sensational! Ellen ten Damme gave us a rollercoaster ride of a variety and burlesque show, drenched in emotion, tension, humor and sensation.

Being a talented singer, ten Damme not only sang (and danced) her heart out. She also participated in world-class acts throughout the entire show: from knife throwing and handstands to air acrobatics high above the arena floor.


Ellen adores the purity and sincerity of the classic circus. Keeping audiences on the edge of their seats, wondering ‘is this even possible?’: that’s the key aspect of circus, according to ten Damme. How danger becomes art, to put it in other words.


Cirque Stiletto made circus trendy again. Above all, it showed the world the following: circus has become an A to Z spectacle with many layers, art forms and genres.

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