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The last days of Pompeii
Immersive experience

2023 - 2023 |  Madrid Artes Digitales | Immersive experience

After the unprecedented success and the gold award-winning "Tutankhamun - The Immersive Exhibition," the latest premiere at MAD (Madrid Artes Digitales) is "Pompeii - The Immersive Exhibition."

Utilizing the most advanced techniques, the once dormant Roman city, now 1700 years later, is brought back to life.

We are granted a glimpse into everyday life before the fury of Mount Vesuvius wrought its destructive work.

During this captivating journey through the layers of Pompeii's ash, visitors will be transported to a world unlike any other, using music, projection, Virtual Reality, and groundbreaking Metaverse technology.

Stones may be lifeless, but there were people who once called this place home, and who filled it with with meaning.


For more information and images, please visit

Available daily in MAD, Madrid, for the coming months.

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